Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: How to stop apps window opening continuously?

Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite.

When I turn the tablet on the apps window keeps popping up even with no apps loaded and has an annoying bubbling sound every time

it keeps getting in the way of me trying to open up anything.
Its driving me crazy can someone tell me how to stop the apps window opening up continuously.

HELP lol

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Seems like you're hitting the app switcher button (the one to the left of the home button).

No mate, I just lay it on the table by itself and the apps window just keeps popping up and down its annoying to try and open some thing up.

Defiantly need help to get rid of it reloading even with no apps in the window.

The tablet is only 4 months old has not been dropped.
I stopped it once before but don't know how.

Thats right I was deleting apps at random and it stopped but have no idea which one that was causing the trouble.
Would love all the help I can get to nail this.
I'm in no rush so I'm willing to listen for some ideas and help.
And thanks Faisal.

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