Forum Thread: How to Transfer Files to SD Card

I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 MS T211 i have no idea how to transfer files to my SD card my Tab has reached its limit of Data on it i did put in a 8gig SD card put do not know how to transfer some big files to SD card

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Use a free file manager app like ES FIle Explorer to move files over. Apps will have to remain on the internal storage, but documents, music, pictures, and videos can be moved to the SD card.

I just got a tablet Mid A20 and its full, ive downloaded movies but they r not going to my SD card i put in. how do i move them? im NOT very good at this stuff, i just play my games n check FB, this is all new..plz help

But how? I have ES file explorer on my tablet but I have two sd cards: one is the tablet sd card and other is sd0 that i have introduced in tablet. I wish to move files (data) from sd to sdO . You don't explain how to make it! Speranta Maria

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