How To: Design Your Own Custom Foldable Papercrafts on Your iPad

Design Your Own Custom Foldable Papercrafts on Your iPad

In the papercraft world, nothing is beyond its reach. Anything from a Rolex watch to PSY doing his famous Gangnam Style horse dance has been converted to papercraft. That's great and all, but what if you want to make your own custom papercraft?

Foldify, which releases next week in the iTunes App Store for the iPad, allows users to create their own custom foldable papercrafts in real time 3D.

The app comes with preset faces and designs, but also allows users to make their own. It looks pretty simple to use and once you're done ,you can send it to the printer and cut out! Check out the video above to watch Foldify in action, and watch out for it on December 13th!

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Very nice application I tried it but the export resolution is really really low,especially in an iPad...needs an update ....

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