How To: Build a Tablet Mount for No-Hands Reading and Movie Watching in Bed

Build a Tablet Mount for No-Hands Reading and Movie Watching in Bed

Reading in bed with a book and bedside lamp is so 1990s. As tablets get smaller and content continues to be digitized, reading on an electronic device is pretty standard.

If you want to stay nice and bundled up in your bed while reading the latest article from WonderHowTo, then you can try and build a nice tablet mount like this one made by Redditor bookshelffairy.

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It attaches to a shelf above your head so that when you're lying in bed, it's right above you. That means no more holding your tablet or straining your neck to sit in the right position.

All you need is a large cardboard box and a shelf or flat headboard. Make sure the cardboard is sturdy enough to support the weight of your tablet. Cut out a window that is suitable for the size of your screen.

Place the cardboard box on the shelf or headboard and tape or screw down the cardboard's edge. If you have heavy books, you can also you those as a weight.

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If you have a device that works with a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you can browse the web very comfortably. The mount is also great for just watching movies or listening to music.

There are a few other tablets mounts that you can find on the web for a pretty decent price.

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SpiderArm also offers an adjustable stand for $49.99. You can place these mounts anywhere around the house. It comes with the standard C-clamp mount as well as a flat-base stand.

If you're determined enough, you can probably DIY one of these more advanced versions yourself. But if you want to keep things simple, it's best to just stick with bookshelffairy's version.

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