How To: Copy an eBook to a Kobo Wireless eReader (ePub, PDF, TXT)

Copy an eBook to a Kobo Wireless eReader (ePub, PDF, TXT)

Through Thursday, January 20th, Borders How to Copy an eBook to a Kobo Wireless eReader (ePub, PDF, TXT)is offering the Kobo Wireless eReader for $99 with coupon—that's $40 off its typical retail price of $139! Though the Kobo comes preloaded with 100 out-of-copyright classics, new users will nevertheless be interested in filling their new eReaders with their own books.

Downloading eBooks from the official Kobo bookstore is easy. But what if you want to buy your books from someplace else? Or even get your books for free from somewhere like Project Gutenberg? How do you move those books from your desktop to your Kobo Wireless eReader?

Well, as it turns out, there are a number of ways to do it. The clip below presents an in-depth overview of three of them: Calibre, a powerful open-source eBook management application; Digital Editions, Adobe's Flash-based eBook client; and the good old Windows Explorer.

Which of the three options is right for you? It depends on your needs. If you just want to drag the books to your eReader and be done with it, then the Explorer method is best. If, on the other hand, you want to manipulate metadata and add cover art, Calibre is your ticket. And, of course, if you're still on the fence as to how much control you need, the above video tutorial will help to sort you out.


  • The Kobo Wireless eReader supports the ePub, pdf & txt file formats. If you'd like to load an eBook of a different format onto your Kobo eReader, you will need to convert it beforehand.

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Does this work for the kobo vox I cant find the kobo on the Adobe digital I am having trouble Down loading my books they seem to be on tha kobo and they disappear when I am reading them

I think you should make sure that you are using the same Adobe ID (the same email address as your kobo account) in ADE.

So you will find the Kobo on ADE, then try to copy your files to your eReader in your library.

Here is a reference at this article about transfer epub to kobo.

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