How to Insert a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Adding a SIM card to your Samsung Galaxy Tab is easy! If you have this new Android tablet and are looking to see how to install the SIM card, this video will clearly show you how it's done. Simply remove the slot's cover, insert the SIM card, making sure it's secure and snug, and then closing the cover. That's it!


Put in a micro-sim card by mistake. Had to send it off to be repaired. Should've watched this video first!

i have a galaxy tab 3.. then i dont what happen i put my micro sim in my tab.. always sho the icon insert sim.

I have a samsung tablet model number is SM-T211. i dont know what happen i put my micro sim in the tab always it is showing insert sim.

Plz some can tell me what happened to my tablet...

if it's so bloody easy to put in a brand new sim card sent directly from sprint for my slate 8 tablet , then why won't the sim card go in ?

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