How To: Master the Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (10 Video Tips)

Master the Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (10 Video Tips)

Some of you may stick with your iPads, but for those looking for a similar Android version, you finally have a winner.

To master your new Motorola XOOM from Verizon Wireless, check out the product support page. There, you'll find interactive walkthroughs for getting started, charging the tablet, setting up contacts, extending the life of your battery, locking your screen, editing text, and adding wallpapers. Also, download the XOOM User's Guide and check out all of the video guides below to see everything in action.

How to Master the Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (10 Video Tips)

But even though it's the best Android tablet on the market, it still has its flaws. Primarily, it has an inactive microSD card slot, which will not be fixed until Verizon allows users to upgrade their devices to the 4G LTE network.

If you'd rather root your XOOM, check out this article for explicit instructions. But be warned: If you root the XOOM, you void the warranty and Verizon will NOT upgrade your device to their new 4G LTE network.

But for now, get to know your new Android tablet with help directly from Motorola...

Step 1 XOOM Overview

Get an up-close look at the workings of the Motorola XOOM, including the buttons, ports, cameras and charging.

Step 2 Using the XOOM

Learn how to navigate and use your new Android 3.0 software (Honeycomb).

Step 3 Using the Keypad

In this video, find out how to use your tablet's keypad. Also, learn how to connect to a Motorola wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

Step 4 Using the Calendar

See how easy it is to use and view your schedule in the Calendar application.

Step 5 Setting Up and Using Email

Probably the most important step—see how to set up your email accounts, like Gmail, on your XOOM and start using it!

Step 6 Reading Books

Your XOOM is also an eReader! Learn how to access your eBooks and read them on your tablet.

Step 7 Video Chatting

See how to use Google Talk on your XOOM to start video chatting online!

Step 8 Taking and Editing Pictures

Find out how to work your new camera. I mean... cameras. See how to take a good picture and edit them on your tablet.

Step 9 Recording and Sharing Videos

Aside from photos, you can capture HD video with your XOOM. See how easy it is to record and share your videos.

Step 10 Watching Videos in Mirror Mode

Want to watch everything on a bigger HD TV or monitor? This video will show you how to set up your XOOM tablet via an HDMI cable.

XOOM Accessories

Learn how to expand your XOOM's power and capabilities with these accessories: Display Portfolio, Silicone Case, Standard Dock, Fit Plates, Speaker HD Dock, and Motorola Wireless Keyboard.

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