How To: Reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab to its factory Android settings

Reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab to its factory Android settings

Sometimes it's necessary to do a complete restore of a device, even an Android one like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. To reset the Galaxy Tab to its factory settings, hit MENU < SETTINGS < PRIVACY and click on FACTORY DATA RESET. Lastly, click on RESET PHONE (it's okay that it's not a phone) and then ERASE EVERYTHING.

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how do you change the language on samsung galaxy tab2 on the samsung apps

My husband died August 31, 2013. I have his Samsung Tablet. I don't know the password. How does one 'get into' it if one does not know what the password is??? I'd like to reset it and give it to his step son but I don't know how to do this. What do I do??? Please advise!

Just go to the bootloader look up Samsung galaxy soft modder world. You should be able to find Information there.

I factory reset my tablet samsung galaxy 3 due to the fact that I forgot the pattern I used to unlock it, after I did the factory reset opinion I noticed that my tablet is malfunctioning. What could cause this problem and how can I fix it?

hi,know somebody how to reset the wi-fi card for samsung galaxy tab 3?
I have internet,but show me that I'm not conected.Thank you

it's taking too long to reset my samsung galaxy tab 1 10.1 to factory settings... takes week and still not working...

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