How To: Start using your new Samsung Galaxy Tab with these 10 tips

Start using your new Samsung Galaxy Tab with these 10 tips

The iPad's got some stiff competition these days, especially from Android, who plans to invade the tablet market with their high-end mobile operating system. And they're off to a good start with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, available from AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Verizon Wireless, along with other carriers.

Check out the Galaxy Tab on Samsung's site

To see a few things the new Galaxy Tab can do, watch this video from Vodafone, which presents you with 10 basic tips to get you started with your new Android tablet.

1. Finding the Notification Bar
2. Download Apps
3. Set Up Email
4. Set Up Security
5. Setting Up Widgets
6. Add / Remove Homescreen Pages
7. Turn Up the Brightness
8. Switch Off Auto-Rotation
9. Use an App Task Killer
10. Reset!

Search WonderHowTo to see more of what the Samsung Galaxy Tab can do!

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