How To: Sync Google Calendar with the Apple iPad Calendar app

Sync Google Calendar with the Apple iPad Calendar app

This video teaches you to sync Google Calender with the Apple iPad Calender app. The first step involves going to 'Settings' and then to 'Mail Contacts Calenders'. Add an account to the application. For doing this, go to Microsoft Exchange. Type in your email ID in the space provided for it and skip domain. Type in your username and password. Click on 'Next' and 'Accept' in the resulting box. Then a box named 'Server' appears. For the server type '' and click 'Next'. Turn off the 'Mail' option in the resulting window. Click 'Save'. This syncs your Google Calender with the iPad Calender Application. Thus the task is finished.

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Hello I have the galaxy note 2 and I would like to sync my iPad calendar to the google calander is this possible?

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