How To: Turn Your iPad Mini's Box into a Free Stand and Charging Dock

Turn Your iPad Mini's Box into a Free Stand and Charging Dock

You can make a dock for an Apple device out of almost anything, even the box it comes in. People have been turning Apple's product packaging into DIY docks for a few years now, including the iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPhone 4.

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So, it's no surprise that the newly released iPad mini already has one, too.

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Obviously, if you ever anticipate selling yours, modifying the box probably isn't a good idea since you get more money for used devices with original packaging. But, if you plan on keeping it (and don't care about the box), why not turn it into something useful?

All you need is a knife. Seriously. Just cut a few notches for the box lid to rest in, then a hole for the Lightning adapter, and you're done. Check out the video by Xavier Lanier over on Gotta Be Mobile for more details.

Have you turned your Apple box into a docking station? Show us your pics!

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