How To: Upgrade the B&N Nook Color to firmware version 1.2

Upgrade the B&N Nook Color to firmware version 1.2

In this video, you learn how to install the newest firmware update from Barnes & Nobles for their Nook Color eReader. See how to go from software version 1.1 to 1.2 to fix any past bugs and access all of the new features that v1.2 has to offer, including NOOK Email, Adobe Flash Player, Angry Birds, NOOK Kids Read and Play, enhanced books and more.

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Tried this at least 10 times. Still no luck. Remains 1.1. Any answers? I have also followed BN's (which are exactly like yours; and no luck there either. Help anyone?

If you couldn't get it to work from this video or B&N's site (, then your best bet is to contact their customer support ( to see why it's not sticking.

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