How To: Use the iBooks ereader app on an Apple iPad

Use the iBooks ereader app on an Apple iPad

Ipad is a revolutionary device from Apple with some amazing features. One of the major functions of Ipad is to serve as a E-book reader. Apple provides an application called Ibooks using which you can read ebooks on your device. You can also browse and purchase new ebooks using this applications. Launch Ibooks from your applications menu and it will take you to the collection of books that you already have on your device. Click the store button to visit the books store. From the store you can search for books and also browse through featured books, best sellers. Click on a particular book to read more about the book. You can get a sample of the book and also other details. You can also read numerous public domain books which are free of cost. This video shows how to use Ibooks to read ebooks from your Ipad device.

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