iPad Fingerpainting: Museum Worthy?

Museum Worthy?

Representational painting requires great skill and practice. The best examples aptly capture light, breathing life into the work. Accurate proportion and perspective is an asset. Matching what you perceive as the correct color to what actually is the correct color requires a highly trained eye.

Artist David Kassan has it down, demonstrating a true mastery of these skill on his website.

iPad Fingerpainting: Museum Worthy?However, what is more unusual (and perhaps more interesting in a contemporary context) is his complete mastery of iPad fingerpainting. Some of us (myself included) are slow at typing on a touchscreen, let alone capturing many qualities of representational painting with a mere finger.

Impressive work, watch below.

Which do you prefer... Kassan or world famous Hockney?

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Unreal! If only they made a printer that tracked his finger strokes and printed layers one on top of the other giving you the texture of a physical painting.

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