MEET THE iPAD: Get All Your Latest Apple iPad News Now

Get All Your Latest Apple iPad News Now

The Apple iPad hits the streets today and fans have been lining up to purchase the much hyped product since last night (and for some, even earlier - see 5th video below).

WonderHowTo is here to serve the mania. Check out a selection of videos in the gallery below, and scroll further down for a link round up of all your latest iPad related news.

(1) Apple: Meet the New Apple iPad, (2) CNET: Apple iPad unboxing , (3) PCMag: Apple iPad video review, (4) iPad: Can You Watch Flash Videos?, (5) First in line!, (6) iPad Mayhem


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FAN's I repeat FAN's no one with any kind of sense would buy one of these. Awful, next up the iWall.

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