News: Planetary Transforms Your iPad's Music Library into a Solar System

Planetary Transforms Your iPad's Music Library into a Solar System

Browsing and displaying your music library on the iPad is a cinch with Apple's iPod app. But by no means would it be considered exciting. Thankfully, there's another option for sorting and playing your iTunes library. It's a unique iPad-only application for those of us who want something more visually stimulating, something otherworldly—something galactic.

Bloom Studio's Planetary is a visual music player that transforms your library into its own cosmic galaxy. Stars represent artists, with orbiting planets acting as their albums, and moons are songs rotating around the planetary albums. It's a unique and celestial way of browsing your favorite songs on your iPad. It may not be as efficient as the iPod app, but it's ten times more striking.

Planetary shares some settings with the iPod app, so if you plan on shuffling or repeating songs, you need to set it up in the iPod app before using Planetary. You can still play playlists, though you also have to play via the iPod app before switching back to Planetary. It's a relatively simple application that's more visual than useful, but sometimes all we need in life is something beautiful to look at, and there's nothing more beautiful than the cosmos.

Right now, Planetary is a free download for iPad only, though Bloom does state they're interested in migrating to other devices in the future.

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really, really want this for my Kindle Fire HD!!!!! Please get this app for kindles soon.

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